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korean dress online shop

on September 4, 2012

Yep, finally today I received the dress we ordered at one of the online shop 🙂 happy to see that it looks the same like the picture. And yes, the size suits my body hahaha.. 😀 it’s a discounted stock, but glad to know that it is with good materials and really fits me 🙂 thank God for this! Surely one thing important is that our delivery fee was divided into 3, as three of us (me and my friends at office) are buying clothes at this web. Delivery fee IDR 19.000, and get divided 3 = around IDR 6.000 (2 days of shipping to Bali)

Before buying this, got a little confused coz they offers so many types of dress, blouse and set clothes. I like all of them, but after asking my friends comments, yeah, finally my decision goes to this one 🙂 really like this! hihihi…. ^_^


#me                                         #model on web


if you like to wear like Chinese and Korean style clothes, better try to seek it at ^_^ many options with good price!

Happy shopping girls! ^^


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